Little Firestarters by Grace Whitmire

My brother, Junior and I spent a lot of time alone together because our mom had to work. This gave way to quite a bit of mischief by us.

One day we found a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes in mom’s cedar chest. We were not supposed to bother with moms things but you’ve heard about when the cat’s away.

Anyway, we took the cigarettes and a box of matches and headed for the woods for a smoke. We lay back on a log and relaxed, talked, and had a good old smoke. When we had finished, we put the cigarettes out — or so we thought– and set out for home. After a while we looked back. The woods were on fire! Luckily the firemen distinguished the fire before any real damage was done. The next day the local newspaper stated “Fire of Unknown Origin”.

We never told how the fire got started but we never ever bothered momma’s cigarettes again.


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